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Comments by Bill Christian


Is there a ruby alternative to pigments? Seems strange to use a python library.


Has anyone tried this same thing with Amazon SNS? Interestingly I am not finding much of comparison between pusherapp and the like to SNS.


@MissingHandle: I never thought the view shouldn't make model calls as it is the necessary data to display. Which models to use is the controller's responsibility.

Outside of the DRY-ing up of the controller code, I just am not realizing the advantage of using a controller method call rather than an instance variable. After all, the method is returning the same object. However, I am looking at this from one simple (BUT AWESOME) demonstration. I'll definitely do some experimenting.


Not to be too much of a theorist, but doesn't this blur the model & controller responsibilities. With decent_exposure you are replacing the model object with a controller helper method. I guess if I look at it as simply a wrapper for the model object it's a wash between the two. Just my initial reaction was we are bending MVC rules some. Anybody else get that feeling?