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António Cascalheira's Profile

GitHub User: cascalheira

Site: http://www.radflex.eu

Comments by António Cascalheira


AngularJS is easier (actually way easier to understand) but Emberjs pays off in the end (in my opinion). Took me two weeks to learn most of what i needed from it and create a web gallery/photo store app front end (to sell files and prints) that runs very smoothly even in most 2-3 year old android and apple devices.

That being said, i can assure you... it was painful and frustrating, ember-data still needs a LOT of work, documentation can be confusing and outdated in some cases... As the framework changed a lot on the last few months a lot of the things you can find on stackoverflow are outdated...

On the other hand, once i started grasping the concepts of it, it just started to make perfect sense and now i love it.

Just my 2 cents!