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Thanks for the screencast. it's an Interesting subject.
Usually I love your Railscasts but I feel this one was a bit rushed. The screens changed too quickly.

I was disappointed when you skipped the validations as it's the harder part.
The partial layout at end seems interesting and deserve a full episode on when to use it.


Thanks for the screencast
Does any one know if it can be integrated with simple_form ?
Is theere any easy way to add a submit and cancel buttons instead of hitting enter/esc ?


I think I found a bug.
1. click on comments
2. click back in the browser
3. click forward

Instead of the page I see some javascript.


I'm using the latest stable chrome.
it also happens with chrome angry birds btw


I like the new design, but the new HTML5 player made my 2011 macbook pro 13" sweat.
it is really CPU intensive. Can we still access the low quality video ?


if you are stuck with "uninitialized constant UsersController::UserMailer" error try adding this to the initalizer :

require "development_mail_interceptor"

and don't forget to change :

ActionMailer::Base.register_interceptor(DevelopmentMailInterceptor) if Rails.env.development?


I don't want to spam but this is a great related web site that lets you create new rails templates.


this plugin should definitely be added to the wizard