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I've build a solution:


Hope it helps to someone, or spark some ideas on other implementations. :)


Hi I have the same problem here.

How can I implement, that the tag_tokens= runs after_validation?


Dev works fine, production is the problem.

I get no such file to load -- rubygems

I suspect the delayed_job file. Should I change the delayed_job script file in any way? my production is bundled with rails 3.0.11 and ruby 1.8.7p352.

I tried which ruby and then changed the first line of the delayed_job, but then I get permission problem. I also tried chmod 755 on the which ruby path. any ideas?

I can not change to 1.9.2 ruby, because of some older apps there.


I got it!

I didn't have name column in model.


I am new to rails, and I love your casts. I've also tested this cast to my new project and it does not work from the text_field. If I use: http://lvh.me:3000/categories.json?q=ook

this url returns the category ok, but if i type "ook" to text field nothing is found. I also found that tokenize script transforms text to lowercase when using "like" SQL command.

i use:
$(function() {
  $("#product_category_tokens").tokenInput("/categories.json", {
    crossDomain: false,
    prePopulate: $("#product_category_tokens").data("pre"),
    theme: "facebook",
    minChars: 3,
    tokenLimit: 3

Thanks for any help.