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Could anyone managed to make this work?
I need to implement live update in a new project. I updated the source code provided with this railscast to work with rails 4 but it doesn't.
Seems like the javascript isn't triggered when a message comes in


Anybody managed to make this work for facebook? I'm getting an Invalid redirect_uri error in my production environment but works fine in dev
thx for your help


@Er.Love the syntax is:
Model.where(name: /#{params[:q]}/)
I hope you found it since then ;)

I'm having an issue. the selected tokens are not sent when I validate my form. I all the other fields are send except those ones!
I'm running rails 3.2.9 with mongodb


any idea why the content in field with the .tokenInput() is not sent with the rest of the form? I'm using mongoid

in my coffee script file:
$("#profile_tagg_tokens").tokenInput '/taggs.json'
theme: 'facebook'
In my form (using slim)
=f.text_field :tagg_tokens

In my model

attr_accessible :user_tags, :displayname, :city, :country, :tagg_tokens

attr_reader :tagg_tokens

What I'm trying to achieve is:
- user creates his profile(city, displayname, etc...) and selects taggs from a taggs list

My issue is as soon as I call .tokenInput on the taggs_token text_field, the content is not sent when the form is submitted
Thx for your help


is there possible to have a final solution for the limit function issue?
Basically for example, how can I get the first 3 users from my users records?
thanks for your help


thanks for the great cast.
I'm having this error:

undefined method `authenticates_with_sorcery!' for User:Class

this happens on my new app on rails 3.2.6 using the latest version of mongoid (episode #238)

looks like there was a known error with mongowrapper, maybe is this linked?
Any help would appreciated.