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Uh. I am embarrassed. School boy error. My problem was in how I had defined the provider in the omniauth.rb file.

I failed to spot an extra end statement in there.


The Omniauth section of my routes.rb file looks like....

`match 'auth/twitter/callback', to: 'sessions#create'
match 'auth/facebook/callback', to: 'sessions#create'
match 'auth/failure', to: redirect('/')
match 'signout', to: 'sessions#destroy', as: 'signout'`

The strange thing is that there is no route listed for "auth/twitter" or "auth/facebook" - Ryan's notes say that Omniauth takes care of these. But in my case it seems that it's not taking care of the FB route.


Twitter just worked and is brilliant.

This spurred me on to attempt FB.

I've been trying to FB working for 2 days now but no joy. All I get is No route matches [GET] "/auth/facebook".

Has anyone else had issues attempting to authenticate via FB?