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I've used this tutorial before (2 weeks ago) and produced the same store application as Ryan. However, when I attempt to follow this tutorial again (on a new machine, running Ubuntu 11.10, same as before) I come up with this error http://pastie.org/3688534 after running the command $ rails g bootstrap:install and then refreshing the browser. Also note, the override.css file already contains the added padding to the top of the body - it's like it knew I was going to change it. If I comment out the @iconSpritePath and @iconWhiteSpritePath I can get localhost:3000/products to work but...

When I get to the point where I'm supposed to use the command $ rails g bootstrap:themed products -f it won't run correctly. I get this response on the command line http://pastie.org/3688555

I'm following the tutorial exactly. What could be causing this to happen?