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GitHub User: BaylorRae

Site: http://baylorrae.com

Comments by Baylor Rae'


When I use radios and checkboxes I generally wrap the input and text in a label tag. I like it because it increases the clickable area for a more comfortable UX. (http://dabblet.com/gist/1515022)


I really like how easy it is to add highlighting to my prompt. Incase anyone is interested in some basic color configuration look at my gist.


Great screencast I can't wait start using Sass in upcoming projects. Just a quick note though, I noticed you put the non vendor prefix at the beginning of your border-radius mixin. It's recommended to put the non vendor prefix at the end. Here's an article explaining what I mean.


Loving the new site Ryan, great job. And 3.1 looks awesome, I'm so glad Sass has been added but now I need to go learn CoffeeScript.

Just a note, you may want to move your KeyCastr more to the right. As of now, it's just over from being centered.