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GitHub User: gerbdla

Site: www.gerberdata.net

Comments by David Gerber


I am using devise and I am getting this error. I know it has something to do with devise or authentication tokens. Can anyone give me some advise? Here is my error.
I have put this tag in my layout
<%= csrf_meta_tag %>
Completed 401 Unauthorized


Is anyone else having issues with playing videos on iPad?


I am using resque-scheduler for scheduling. Is anyone using this? I am getting this error message when I submit to a queue.

(Job{news_scraper_queue} | NewsScraper | []) failed: #

has anyone tried to use scheduling with the workers being in the app/workers directory?


Do I need to use require statement in rails to use this gem. When I just do gem lorem it loads but the lorem.rb module is not available. please help