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GitHub User: jjaffeux

Site: www.jaimeattendre.com

Comments by Joffrey JAFFEUX


Hi, monit doesn't want to monitor workers, that's very strange, my app is working and if I do ps aux | grep unicorn I can see them :

deployer 19705 1.7 10.0 59404 50972 ? Sl 02:59 0:06 unicorn master -D -c /home/deployer/apps/blog/shared/config/unicorn.rb -E production

deployer 19709 0.0 10.5 65484 53848 ? Sl 02:59 0:00 unicorn worker[0] -D -c /home/deployer/apps/blog/shared/config/unicorn.rb -E production

deployer 19712 0.0 10.5 65484 53824 ? Sl 02:59 0:00 unicorn worker[1] -D -c /home/deployer/apps/blog/shared/config/unicorn.rb -E production

However /home/deployer/apps/blog/shared/pids contains only unicorn.pid and no unicorn.0.pid

Also if I try to find them with find (sudo find / -name "*.pid") :


Only the master appears...

Do you have any idea about it plz ?