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Comments by David Blankenship


From what I can tell, you would need to change it to include the application name.


For some reason when it runs the bootstrap it prompts for a sudo password since each command in the script is attempting to sudo, but does not accept my input when typing. (In fact, in my zsh term it displays the password as I type) Has anyone else had this issue? I enter it at the beginning as Ryan does when prompted; I would think it would be passed through. Ubuntu is the default server install in my case.

[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] sh -c 'rbenv bootstrap-ubuntu-11-10'
[out :: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] [sudo] password for deployer:


I think he means the:

upstream unicorn {


upstream unicorn_<%= application %> {

Otherwise you'd have a lot of "upstream unicorns" loaded. I wondered this myself, and was going to test it. If no one else posts, I'll tell what I find out.


A heads up that if you add '--yes' to the end of the add-apt-repository lines, it will not prompt you to add the repo in the default install on Ubuntu 11.10.