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GitHub User: dougc84

Site: http://www.dougclarkonline.com

Comments by Doug Clark


Just a note for anyone that gets this error:

/Developer/Code/{omitted}/initializers/better_errors.rb:1:in `<top (required)>': undefined method `editor=' for BetterErrors:Module (NoMethodError)

Make sure you put "binding_of_caller" AFTER "better_errors" if you want to use the editor= feature. It's been working fine for months without the initializer.


I'm using Unicorn in production, and I have a (probably) dumb question. If I enable threadsafe, will this help (even if just slightly) the memory usage by not loading the Rack::Lock middleware?


What's the difference in cache('somekey') do ... end and Rails.cache.fetch('somekey') do ... end? They seem fundamentally the same.