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Hi ano1chan

I am having the same Issue now , i am exporting excel files with large records , consuming my all memory, can you help ?


Redcrumbs looks good... I tried it on one of my app and while overall it works good, BUT It relies on callback methods.. So lets say I have a post (created by User B) which a moderator (User A) edits... The creator of that crumb would still be the original post owner(User B) and not the moderator(User A)...

How to make it reference the moderator as the creator of the crumb/change since he was the one to edit the post?

As Ryan rightly pointed out, using callbacks becomes messy...



Thanks for the review... Have heard that SEO becomes really difficult with AngularJS... Have you experienced the same with learni.st ? What all strategies did you use to overcome SEO related issues??


Very interesting episode.. Was giving out AngularJS a try and wanted to understand few things..

@ForumCtrl = ($scope, $resource) ->
  Topic = $resource("/forums/:id", {id: "@id"})
  $scope.topics = Topic.query()

So now when I go to forums/1 , I expected it would trigger show action, but it did not. It went to Index action.. How to pass routeParams to query()?

Also, I see that https://github.com/ludicast/angular-rails gem takes a totally different approach... Creating a very different directory structure under app/assets/angular/


And all view logic is stuffed into /templates

Which would be more recommended? Anyone have tried out that gem...