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Comments by Hadi S.


There is a closed issue on this matter. See
I hope this is getting into rails 3.2.

In the meantime using the :host option works for me:

:host => request.domain

To be more specific, if i use a redirect_to in my controller action

redirect_to sites_url(:subdomain => false), :notice => 'Logged out!'

it redirects me to the requested url but doesn't remove the subdomain


something like

xxx_url(:subdomain => false) in rails 3.1

doesn't work anymore for me. Any ideas?


@Ryan thanks for you amazing screencasts. I have some questions related to Rails 3.1:

1) Is the 'images' folder in rails 3.1 still in the 'public' folder or did this also change?

2) How can i convert my rails 3.0 apps to a rails 3.1 app? Do i need to do it manually (if yes, how?) or is there maybe an automatic conversation tool like we had for rails 2.x to 3.x?