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Ah, this time you're 2 days late! I used it earlier this week and is great tool indeed. Customer happy that they can do A/B testing and stop/restart testing sessions themselves, which is a relief also for me ;).


just use:

  email: john.doe@example.com
  password_digest: <%= BCrypt::Password.create(unencrypted_password)

I didn't test that, just writing from head but should do the job.


but the bad thing is that I'm "Hubert ??picki" now :/


Well job, very good episode. I am looking forward to see more Rails 3.1 episodes, people really need it.


There's also DSL, previously known as Steak, that helps to write request specs in more Cucumber-like way (focusing on user stories). It's built into Capybara master and works just fine.


Actually I changed my mind after watching this episode again, and made imporovements to the backend. Supports Redis and MongoDB, nicer UI. Thanks for showing me chainable backend in this episode.

As always, you're right on time -- I had to improve this engine for another client, and this episode helped a lot!

New project is here:


Wow, that's cool. I did something very similar a few months ago for a client and made it open source. It's using Mongodb backend instead, and there is only one big form where user can enter details. Check it out here: https://github.com/hubertlepicki/GoTranslateYourself

I found it useful to provide default dummy fallback locale -- in dev.yml file -- so that even English-speaking clients can make ammendments to wording on the site such way.