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Struggling on getting the validations setup properly.. Im using devise, so the user sign up page begins with: email, password, password confirmation witch are all handled and validated by devise.. Now im getting a

"NoMethodError in RegistrationsController#create".. undefined method `include?' for nil:NilClass"

after following the steps in that wicked tutorial exactly.. any ideas? Thanks


Would it be possible to pull dates from 2 different models in the same calendar? .. For example, I have a holidays table and a birthdays table and would like to have 1 calendar display both..


Is it possible to have a progress meeter like the jquery one you linked to?


I am also interested in this question.. in the first few steps of my multistep form I am working with user attributes, but in the next one I am working with user "interests" which is currently setup with a different model (related to the user using a HABTM)

Thanks! Awesome work!