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Comments by Florent Monbillard


Really nice and handy episode (as usual !), keep up the good work.
Another queue system worth trying is sidekiq, it's quite close of resque but doesn't spawn a process per worker. It uses celluloid under the hood that would worth an episode too !


Indeed, Rails 3.2 requires rubygems 1.8.15. But JDBC adapters are broken w/ Rails 3.2, see
If you use JRuby, you'd better keep Rails 3.1 for now


Hi Ryan, great screencast as always.
Another solution would be to use an AMQP server (like RabbitMQ), it's way faster to fetch the queue item as it's not polling but pushing to the subscriber (i.e. worker). It's maybe less light than Redis though, but it does the job as well.
And you are not tied to load the entire Rails environment too.
Thanks a lot and keep up the good work !


Great episode, as usual, just a bit sad it's the last of the offline series : I would have been glad to see you covering web sql database.
Maybe for a next episode !


Ryan, you definitely read my mind, I was actually implementing a proof of concept of an offline app using HTML5 manifest and Web SQL database, that will definitely helps ! thank you so much, keep up the good work

P.S. : will part 2 talk about Web SQL database ? :)