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@Thomas, if I understood correctly, that uhoh under "uhoh/alert.png" is independent from the route path, it refers to uhoh/app/assets/images/uhoh/alert.png, notice the extra uhoh folder after images/ (minute 11:40 to 11:50). So yes, it is "automatically" handled by Rails.

Ok, whatever...


lazylester, you are getting philosophical here. In this screencast there is no way to ensure that you are who you say you are at signup, but the achievement here is to authenticate you every other time afterwards, since there is a password attached to your user model.

Now, we could wait for confirmation (like in devise) from the given email address, but... who ensures us that the given email address really represents the person who you say you are? Since there are so many ways to cheat that confirmation procedure, the extra check doesn't give us a 100% security. Therefore, even though this is a worthy discussion, I find your comment a little out of place.


I got inmediately excited and was loving every second of this video. I can recognise that DecentExposure is a pattern in itself, and a wonderful one, it should make it into Rails core!


By the way, I think that you forgot to write down the model code.


Glad to get to know this cool autocompleting plugin, much more beautiful and user oriented than any of the previous ones that I have seen, I guess.
Thanks for showing us how to use it easily, and thanks for all your wonderful work during all the past 258 weeks.


@Steve Castaneda, I bet the best way to revert recursive removals fromoutside thegem would be to store the class name and the ids of the children into the metadata of the destroyed object, and recall them on restore.