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I'm using this to insert an S3 image into a table cell:

class CustomPdf < Prawn::Document
  require 'open-uri'

  def image_cell(image_url)
    {image: open(image_url), fit: [IMAGE_SIZE, IMAGE_SIZE], position: :center}
  rescue SocketError

Then just call image_cell in your table data array: [ [ image_cell(url), ... ], [ ... ] ].


You are correct, Heroku requires a separate worker dyno to launch background jobs.

You can use the Workless gem, which creates and kills a worker when DelayedJob is called. Heroku will only bill you the uptime ($0.05/h), not the full $35/m.


Great screencast as always.

Confirmation boxes are still useful, though. Undoing changes on a model with a Paperclip attachment is less trivial.