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GitHub User: mulderp

Site: http://mtpartners.de

Comments by Patrick Mulder


Thanks for the great screencasts, Ryan! I found your explanations very helpful.

I am having a bit of a problem with a slightly more complicated variation of what you did for the Raffler application. I am trying to make a small "one-page" blog application, where posts can be commented. So far, I can fetch comments in a Collection, but I find it difficult to understand the strategy when to fetch, and how to update the posts index view when new comments were made.

I tried a first project template here: https://github.com/mulderp/backbone_testapp

Thanks for sharing some thoughts or feedback, if possible!
I would also be curious on thoughts how to do this TDD if possible...


thanks, bharat!
Hm... what was causing some trouble eventually were some left overs in the /public/stylesheets directory from pre-asset pipeline times in the project.

I got somewhat customization working with help of:


let's see how the learnings continue :)


Hi... when I want to use custom variables as defined here: http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/less.html

  1. Do I need to include "less-rails" in the :assets block of the Gemfile? Why (not)?

  2. How can I debug whether my variables are set properly? I am currently experimenting with variables in app/assets/stylesheets/bootstrap_and_overrides.css.less

@orange: #FF2400
@linkColor: #ff0000
@baseColor: @orange
@navbarBackground: @orange

hmm... i also get a:

/bootstrap_and_overrides.css - 304 Not Modified

in the logs
however, none of these seems to have an effect.
What are your experiences in tracking the problem? (tracers, logs are difficult to get in Less/assets pipeline as far I know)