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Site: http://www.marsmoore.com

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Meteor 15min, Angular 16min, backbone 32min and Ember 25min+. Meteor Wins!


Hi, thank's for this great episode!

Any clue how to configure the external handler for Rubymine? Have been trying for a couple of hours without success...


Is there a way to disable friendly ID in development mode?



my issue is not really related to this railscast but I'm also getting :3000:3000 when using _url helpers.

What you did could solve this issue? So yes, could you explain, I don't find this 'with_subdomain' function anywhere.



Thanks for this very nice and clean tutorial.

If you want to add a delay to the search to avoid overloading the db, an easy way to do it is by using the jquery.observe_field.js plugin and changing the search script to:

$('#keyword').observe_field(1, function() {
    $.get($(this).parents('form:first').attr("action"), $(this).serialize(), null, "script");
    return false;

Great tutorial thanks a lot!
I just had one "bug": I had to add manually
resources :articles do
     resources :comments

in my routes files. I'm new to rails and I struggle a little to understand the way routes works but this solved it for me.