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Upcoming Schedule Change

You may have noticed the RailsCasts episode production has slowed recently. I have tried to compensate for this by providing free weeks to subscribers, however that is a temporary solution that I did not plan to use regularly. Starting May 6, 2013, I will be changing the episode schedule. In the first week of each month I will release a free and revised episode. In each of the other weeks I will release a pro episode.

Why has production slowed? Before working on RailsCasts Pro full time, I had a separate Rails job which helped fuel the topics. For some time afterwards I could tap into that knowledge to quickly produce episodes, but now newer topics take many more hours of researching and experimenting in order to feel good about covering it in an episode.

There are many topics I look forward to producing that my previous schedule did not allow me enough time to research including: handling mobile devices, more on real-time applications, security in production, graph databases such as Neo4j, and many more. I'm excited that this new schedule will give me the breathing room to explore these topics.

The price of the Pro subscription will stay at $9 per month. I feel it maintains its value since there is a huge back-catalog of well over 100 pro and revised episodes that one receives with the subscription. Thank you to all Pro subscribers who have helped support me! It is much appreciated. If you have any questions please let me know.